Workshop on D2D


Date: OCT 25 (Sat)


The workshop is in response to the fast urbanization development in China and around the world. As of 2007, China reached 45% urbanization - indicated by 594-million urban populations and a total of 656 cities - and an annual increase of one percent. This has created unprecedented challenges on dynamic monitoring and management of city resources as well as handling of emergence situations. The D2D workshop aims to capitalize on the recent development of digital technology and its application to various aspects of urban environments, such as digital earth, digital transportation, digital health, and digital government, etc., and promote digital technology integration and evolution. The workshop focuses on key techniques involved in real-time acquisition of digital city form and information, monitoring and management of emergence situations in urban areas, and other driving applications of digital city. This workshop will bring together researchers, practitioners, and government representatives to discuss new solutions and emerging applications and explore collaboration opportunities.