Workshop on High Performance Geocomputation and Geoinformatics


Date:DEC 19 2009

Venue:A504, SIAT (中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院)



Computation-intensive techniques for geospatial data processing and analysis have grown into an important scientific field. High Performance Geocomputation is the application of computational science to Geoinformatics. It applies advanced computational resources, such as Cluster, Grid and Cloud, to solve various complex problems in earth and space sciences.It develops discipline-specific theories, algorithms, architectures, systems, supporting tools, and infrastructure within the overall contexts of computational science as well as earth and space sciences. Application areas of Geocomputation include, but are not limited to, geospatial data and analysis, dynamic modeling, simulation, space-time dynamics and visualization, virtual reality, Digital City, and applications employing non-conventional data clustering and analysis techniques.